Wednesday 10 June 2015

Machin Security Stamps from Battle of Waterloo Prestige Book

The third Prestige Stamp Book of 2015 marks the Bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.   As usual the PSB contains all 10 of the commemorative stamps issued in ordinary sheets and miniature sheet format.

All the panes are shown on our webpage for this issue so here I'm concentrating on the Machin definitive stamps.

The pane consists as usual of 8 stamps, two each of 5p, 10p, 50p and £1, surrounding a central label depicting the Monument on Lion Mound in Belgium. Three values are new this year, whilst the 5p value was included in the Great War 1915 prestige stamp book issued in May.

Enlargements of the stamps:

The 10p (Norvic 4010P.5)

The 50p (Norvic 4050P.5)

The £1 (Norvic 4100P.5)

I've left the 5p stamp until last, so as to show a comparison with the similar stamp included in the Great War PSB.

The Great War stamp is on the left and the Battle of Waterloo stamp is on the right.  These are in our checklist as 4005P.5 and 4005P.5a.

The Waterloo stamps that I have are lighter in shade than the Great War - but I don't know if this is within the normal range of shades - but the iridescent layer is equally readable on both stamps, and has a slight greenish tint.

These are listed for sale in our online shop, as a set of 4 including the 5p, with the set number 4005P.5a.

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