Monday 13 April 2015

Post and Go News - Fleet Air Arm Museum and RM Enquiry Offices

From Royal Mail:

We are pleased to confirm the following update and developments for Post and Go.

New Static Location – Fleet Air Arm Museum (FAAM)
Machine A003 (last seen at Stampex) will go live at FAAM on Tuesday 14th April and will feature both the Machin stamps and the Union Flag stamp
The location ID will be “The FAAM” with a graphic device featuring the Fleet Air Arm Harrier logo on the Machin stamp and “The FAAM" overprint on the Union Flag stamp.

The address is
Fleet Air Arm Museum
RNAS Yeovilton
BA22 8HT

New Operational Locations
Following the success of the existing Operational Kiosks in the Royal Mail Enquiry offices, three more sites are joining the trial.

Sites surveys have taken place and the three sites will be installed in April. Other developments including weight and vend will follow.


  1. According to the IAR website, A008 replaces A003 for Perth.

  2. Machine finally up and running around 12.45. No harrier logo due to quality issues. MA13 Machins and undated flags. Location ID confirmed as 'The FAAM' Counter on A003 hadn't been reset so my session number at 12.55 was 2068! The harrier logo will be added at a later date we were told.


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