Wednesday 15 April 2015

2015 Machin stamps in abundance! The list so far.

In the last three weeks the range of Machin definitives with 2015 year codes has increased substantially.  As well as providing pictures of the latest, I'm aiming with this post to also provide a complete list of the stamps that have appeared so far this year, including 2014 codes.

At the end of March the 2p, 5p and 20p counter sheets made an appearance, and this week the 1st class business sheet and 2nd class retail booklet have become available.  On most of these the M15L code is quite clear, although at first glance the 2nd class looked like M16L.  We will have to be careful next year!

The list of 2015 issues so far, with Norvic catalogue numbers - 23 new stamps:

2911.5        2nd counter sheet
2911B.5     2nd business sheet
2931.5        2nd retail booklet

2914B.5     1st business sheet
2936C.5     1st from mixed retail booklet (Alice in Wonderland or Comedy Greats)

2937.5        1st Large from retail booklet

2991.5        1st Signed For
2992.5        1st Large Signed For

3001.5        1p counter sheet
3002.5        2p counter sheet
3005.5        5p counter sheet
3020.5        20p counter sheet
3101.5        £1 counter sheet

3133           £1.33 counter sheet
3152           £1.52 counter sheet
3225           £2.25 counter sheet
3245           £2.45 counter sheet
3315           £3.15 counter sheet
3330           £3.30 counter sheet

4001P.4      1p M14L from Inventive Britain Prestige Book
4002P.4      2p M14L from Inventive Britain Prestige Book
4081P.4      81p M14L from Inventive Britain Prestige Book
4097P.4      97p M14L from Inventive Britain Prestige Book

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  1. Hi Guys at last I have learnt how not to be anonymous on your site. I just wanted to thank you for the above checklist for security issues so far this year & also for the latest version of your Machin security issues pdf file, which I find most useful as it is not always easy to keep up with R.M.s latest money making schemes.


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