Monday 17 February 2014

Spring Stampex 2014 Special Postmarks

Readers who have also received the Royal Mail Postmark Bulletin for 7 February will have noticed that no handstamps are listed for Stampex.

I'm told this was an error in Edinburgh: the postmarks will be available this week from the London Special Handstamp Centre and they will be listed in the Bulletin this Friday, 21 February.

Collectors could send items for postmarking to the SHC before the Bulletin is published but would have to be very sure of the description to ensure that they received the correct postmark.   Collectors will, as usual, have 10 days after receipt of the Bulletin to send in items for postmarking.

As well as the daily generic Spring Stampex postmarks there should be one for the Spring Flowers Post and Go stamps, one for the Classic Locomotives of Wales, and possibly one for the Football Heroes retail booklet.

Emailed copy of 21 February Bulletin has now been supplied (thanks YH!)
I don't have time to copy all the pictures but this is the list:

13046 - 19 Feb Stampex
13047 - 19 Feb Stampex Spring Blooms FDI
13048 - 20 Feb Stampex
13049 - 20 Feb Stampex Welsh Locos FDI
13050 - 21 Feb Stampex
13051 - 22 Feb Stampex

13052 - 20 Feb Classic Locomotives of the UK - Liverpool

13053 - 20 Feb Classic Locomotives of the UK - Belfast
13054 - 20 Feb Classic Locomotives of the UK - Dundee

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  1. Perhaps Royal Mail could set up pages on the web where postmark information could be listed. Of course they would not be able to keep it any more up to date than the rest of the pages they produce!


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