Friday 15 June 2012

Delivered by Royal Mail

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned the plan by Royal Mail to remind householders just who delivers their mail, by the incorporation of a new slogan alongside the postage paid indicator (PPI).

It seems that Argos have been very quick off the mark and are already using the new-style PPI as shown below.  Thanks to Dominic for this picture, received today.

UPDATE 6 July:

Three different examples seen today.  The 1st and 2nd from with License number COVENTRY 909 are from the same mailing house for different customers.  I though the square design had been abandoned by Royal Mail some time ago, but here it is with yet another Coventry license CV24385

Despite the fact that we are still waiting for the Charles Dickens stamps due next Tuesday, we are closing the office until the beginning of July to take a well-earned rest and recharge the batteries.

Orders through our shop ( will be processed and stock reserved as usual.  There will be a special bonus for order number 2000.

And we may accidentally see emails while I'm using the iPhone looking for ideal places to rest and eat.  Enjoy the summer and the rest of Euro2012 !


  1. Have a good and well earned break :-)

  2. Officially, this was meant to start on June 23rd on PPI mail, but there has already been a fair amount with it on. It will be on stamped mail from the end of this month and on franked mail from January 2nd 2013.

    1. I saw one stamped letter from Nottingham last week (arrived at our rented holiday cottage) so that must have been posted around 23-27 June.
      Nothing yet seen on mail coming here.

  3. The DSA logo is also being phased out, to be replaced by a variation of the above "Delivered by" indica incorporating the C9 registration number.

  4. I've a photo of a cancel from Bristol mail centre from the 28th June bearing the 'Delivered by Royal Mail'. (I could upload it, if you were interested.) Mail from DSA companies, mostly UK Mail, now have it too, but it's quite small.

  5. Yes please, it would be go to have an early example here - email to Thanks.


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