Thursday 28 July 2011

Posted 21st May: Gold medallists will be honoured on stamps in 2012

Due to a glitch in blogspot this post has been redated as 28 July. I've no idea why this should be!

{Press Release}

• Royal Mail stamps to be issued to mark all Team GB gold medal wins

• Gold medal stamps a first for Royal Mail

• Only 3rd time a host nation has issued individual Olympic gold medal stamps

• Stephen Agar from Royal Mail said: “We’re delighted to announce we will be issuing these very special gold medal stamps. We hope that we will be printing many sets, just as the Nation hopes that it will be celebrating many victories next summer.”

With one year to go to London 2012, Royal Mail has announced that it will issue special gold medal stamps to celebrate Team GB Olympic gold medal wins.

This is the first time that Royal Mail has issued stamps to mark Olympic victories. The stamps will feature both individual and team gold medal wins.

Details of the actual designs themselves are set to be announced later, when Royal Mail will also announce its plans to commemorate the Paralympic Games.

Royal Mail have since confirmed that the medalwinners will be depicted on actual stamps not on Smilers Sheet labels.  It is likely that a stamp will be issued for each medal won. 


  1. Possibly 28th JUNE rather than July

    1. actually this post was made many months ago, but it seems that a google/blogspot glitch has assigned the wrong date to it.

      Consequently, as it is in the future, it doesn't appear in the index, and I can't see it in the admin area which has a list of all posts chronologically. It isn't even produced by searching! Very odd, and thanks for pointing this out.

    2. Note that the blog post is dated 2011 - which is also wrong as we were not told about this until February, and were not able to release the news until the summer. Odd, but at least it will be indexed by the next weekend!


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