Wednesday 20 July 2011

Faststamps to get an extra value - 40g worldwide

We have been told that the 5 existing Faststamp values will soon be supplemented by a sixth value, for the 40g World Wide letter rate.

The update to Post and Go software is scheduled to take place in July/August: as always each machine needs to be updated individually so there will be no nationwide first day of issue for this rate.

The new rate label will be similar to this, and I have been assured that Norwich (019136) will NOT be among the early branches to be changed!  Please do not ask for these as they are not yet available.

Later, another software change will see the addition of a ‘collector’ button that will automatically produce a version of each value to make it easier for collectors to obtain the set. The Wincor-Nixdorf machines will still not produce a strip of 6, so the best way to get these will be as a pair of 3.

UPDATE: Latest information is that "40g should get into some branches before Stampex!"which is not helpful - it will mean that some offices will have 5 values when Birds 4 are issued, and some will have 6.  Not much good for getting full sets of 36, or full set FDCs :-(

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  1. very earliest upgrade will be late August


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