Wednesday 29 June 2011

More retail booklet news: Olympics and railways

We now have information about two more retail booklets to be issued this year.

The 5th Olympic/Paralympic book (issue date 27 July) has 1st class Machins with no apparent change to the security codes, they being M11L and MCIL as before.  This is a scan of the actual booklet:

Although these are normally printed using normal 4-colour process, there may be an additional grey colour.  Certainly the poor appearance of the caption "Wheelchair Rugby" is due to a colour shift which does not affect the Sailing stamp, but does create a slight doubling of the London 2012 edge caption.  Booklet 6 will be issued on 15 September.

On 23rd August 2011 the first railway booklet will be issued, featuring the 1st class stamp from the Classic Locomotives of England miniature sheet issued on 1 February this year.  This booklet has been in the plans for a long time: the publicity mock-up from Royal Mail has a filedate of 11 January 2011!

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