Wednesday 19 January 2011

Machin M11L Security Machin - Business Sheets appear, and Counter Sheets

The first unannounced 2011 Machin NVI security stamps have appeared.  

The 2nd class and 1st class (both small) stamps in Business Sheets are now in circulation with printing dates of 11/11/2010 (2nd class) and 16/11/2010 (1st class).


(Thanks again to Richard P for providing pictures.)

Note that the MBIL is in the same place as before, and the M11L is - as with the booklet reported earlier - moved to row 2.  The security slits are undivided (ie original type) on both the 2nd and 1st class. 

These have now been added to our online store as items 2911B.1 and 2912B.1.

Following our trip to the York Stamp & Coin Fair on Saturday we can confirm that the following have been reported.  Confirmation, pictures and stocks awaited!
1st class Counter Sheet (2912.1) - not yet confirmed
2nd class Counter Sheet (2911.1) - confirmed

Please let us know when you find these used in your mail or kiloware.  We are looking for Earliest Known Date of usage.  Use the comment button below, thanks.

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