Monday 17 January 2011

Machin and Country definitive changes and new issues in 2011 - update

We can now provide more detailed information on the changes to lower value Machin definitives, first mentioned here.

The self-adhesive 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p and 20p values will be printed in sheets of 25 and will incorporate the security slits but not the irridescent overprint.  These will replace the current PVA gummed Machin Definitive sheet stamps of 200 for operational purposes as supplies are needed.

Despite the obvious differences, we understand that Royal Mail Philatelic are not counting this as a visible change for standing order purposes*.  There will be no official first day of issue, but the first day of philatelic availability will be 8 March 2011. (We will service a limited number of first day covers.)

* Peter S has contacted the Tallents House Bureau, and writes: "I have just spoken to the Philatelic Bureau and am reliably informed that the self adhesives will be will be supplied in accordance with the indivduals standing order requirements."   But unless they change their normal procedures, there will be no FDCs; none are listed on the pre-order form.

Reflecting the usage and demand:

• Dot and No Dot cylinders will no longer exist for these values;
• The 2p, 5p and 20p will be printed from one cylinder which will limit the cylinder grid positions to four each;
• The 1p and 10p will be printed on individual cylinders so each will be available in 12 cylinder grid positions.


Although Post Office branches will be supplied with sheets of 25, it has been normal practice for philatelic counters and the bureau to be supplied with, and to supply, guttered sheets of 50. 

New issues for Tariff Change - date of issue not advised (probably 29 March)
Machins all printed by DLR in gravure (expected to be self-adhesive sheets of 25/50 with security features):
68p Sea Green
76p Pink
£1.10 Lime Green
£1.65 Sage

Country definitives all printed by Cartor in litho (conventionally gummed):
68p & £1.10 for each country.

Incidentally, on Machin Mania, Larry reports that in 1997 Royal Mail said that "self-adhesive stamps are designed for small businesses and would in no way replace traditional stamps".  Times change!

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