Friday 2 October 2009

GB 2010 stamp programme updated

The Great Britain programme for 2010 has been revised from the outline announced in February:

7 January - British Design Classics II - this will NOT be similar to the 2009 issue as previously thought

2 February - Girl Guide Centenary

25 February - 350th Anniversary of the Royal Society

1 March - Castles of Wales generic Smilers Sheet (last in series)

11 March - 150th anniv Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

23 March - Kings & Queens: House of Stewart

13 April - Endangered Mammals

6 May - Accession of King George V (London 2010 issue)

8 May - The King's Stamps (ditto - 1st day of London Festival of Stamps)

13 May - Britain Alone (commemoration of events of 1940)

15 June - Children's Books

-- July? - Olympics & Paralympics II

19 August - Stage Musicals

16 September - Great British Railways

12 October - Kings & Queens: House of Stuart

2 November - Christmas

Some of these are sets, some are miniature sheets, some have prestige stamp books, some will have generic Smiers Sheets. There will also be retail booklets advertising London 2010 (March) and the Olympics (January & February).

More details and images in this thread as embargo dates are passed, and here on the blog

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