Saturday 12 September 2009

Adieu Camden High Street! Can we get lower than this?

As the trial of Machin Head Horizon labels came to an end (yesterday) we decided to get a cover with the lowest possible value, by pre-stamping the cover with £4.94-worth of Machin adhesives, thus producing the £0.01 label.

1 comment:

  1. Ian, yes very interesting.. but are we losing the plot.. me included of course.. :-)

    who cares.. maybe someone with more money than sense will buy this "unique" exhibit.. we can keep creating "unique" exhibits these days - and again me included with my A380 covers for example -

    oh to the days or real philately.. or am I just getting bored with the whole scene? :-) I admire your patience and commitment I have to say

    Best wishes .......... Michael

    Ps see you in London in 2010... maybe..if I am still with it :-)


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