Monday 13 July 2009

Security stamp variations now on our online shop

At long last I've had time to scan in detail all the various stamps, together with the security codes on the NVIs. The 1st class gold just doesn't seem to scan as well as the 2nd class blue because of the metallic factor of the ink, so I haven't got a picture of the C code, the stamp from the mixed/custom/commemorative booklets of 6 - Design Classics and NAFAS, or the S code, the 1st class book of 6.

So here are the four Business Sheet stamps


and here are the five normal booklet stamps - books of 6, 12 & 4 (Large)

All these, and the 'C code' and sheet stamps can be ordered at our online shop. Note, postage and packing is 80p extra and we don't yet have automated payment facilities (eg PayPal) because we like getting stamps on letters containing cheques - but we do take PayPal, & UK and European bank transfers.

We also have some Business Sheet top panels for some of the Security stamps; many of these have yet to reach post offices while stocks of the old sheets are being used up.



  1. do you know the cost value of your stamps

  2. @Shaz
    I know the answer to the question you asked but I'm not sure I understand it. Please email me at if you wish to follow-up.



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