Monday 27 July 2009

New Horizon Label Indicators!

As of today some indicators change as follows:

1LL becomes 1LG

2LL becomes 2LG

BLL becomes BLG

AX becomes AAX

BLL is British Forces but counters need a BFPO number to input to the system, or else a zero label might be produced (for the forces that are in active service areas, like Iraq and Afghanistan).

AX/AAX are Airsure designations. If anybody reading this receives an Airsure item with the new AAX label I'd like a picture of the label and cover to put on our webpage for Horizon labels. Please email me at

1 comment:

  1. Ian, wow.. seriously.. like, for dumb nuts like me.. what are we talking about here.. stamps.. labels.. where will it end :-)

    I have seriously given up but I admire you for your tenacity and I will keep reading to see what I am missing :-)

    Hope you are well .. best wishes.. Michael


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