Sunday 8 March 2009

Industrial Pioneers issue brings attractive railway postmarks

A set of 8 stamps honouring key figures in Britain during the Industrial Revolution is issued on 10 March 2009.
The stamps show 1st Matthew Boulton – Manufacturing & James Watt – Steam Engineering;
50p Richard Arkwright – Textiles & Josiah Wedgwood – Ceramics;
56p George Stephenson – Railways & Henry Maudslay – Machine Making;
72p James Brindley – Canal Engineering & John McAdam – Road Building.

These are some of the special postmarks in use on that day. More background to the stamps, and more postmarks are on our website.

Postmark showing George Stephenson's 'Rocket'.
Postmark showing George Stephenson's 'Locomotion'.Postmark showing Wedgwood vase.

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