Friday 13 March 2009

Northern Ireland Castles brings a third self-adhesive 1st class

This is getting complicated.

Collectors will know that the Glorious Northern Ireland Smilers Sheet contained the first self-adhesive 1st class country stamp. The perforations (die cuts) were 'ordinary' and the phosphor bands fuzzy at the edges.

The Glorious United Kingdom Smilers Sheet, containing 1st class stamps from all four countries had elliptical perforations (syncopated, in US) and the phosphor bands were sharp-edged.

Now the Castles of Northern Ireland Smilers Sheet combines the two, with elliptical perforations and phosphor bands fuzzy at the edges. So that means the specialist has three different self-adhesive 1st class stamps from Northern Ireland and can look forward to the same from the other three countries.

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