Monday, 8 January 2018

Centenary of Women's Suffrage - Votes for Women

Royal Mail have released the designs for the Women's Suffrage Centenary issue in the January Philatelic Bulletin.

Although the pictures are monochrome, the stamp captions are highlighted in purple and green, colours used by the Women's Suffrage Movement.  These will be issued on 15 February at Spring Stampex and nationwide at 7,500 Post Office branches.

More details later on our website.


  1. One or two stamps would have been enough...

  2. Is there any logic to the choice of values? I notice this has 2nd class again (like Ladybird books did) whereas Racehorse Legends had £1.17 instead.

  3. I can never understand why the Post Office issues so few £1.17 stamps. Lots of foreign tourists still like to send a postcard home, and it looks much nicer with an attractive stamp on it. And families abroad receiving cards with a nice stamp may have a collector who will then go on to seek out and purchase other stamps from that country.

    1. I remember when Presentation Packs went 1st, 2nd, E ... Whatever happened to E? Maybe RM thought they were losing too much if f'r example a shopkeeper selling postcards in a tourist area stocked up in advance and made a profit selling on.