Monday 20 May 2024

More shades of King Charles II PPIs and alternative postage.

A post last September showed a number of shades for the 2nd class pre-printed stamps used on postage paid impressions (PPIs), and that continues including these two using the same C9 licence 10017 and the same return address (so the same mailing house or the same client).

Pre-printed 2nd class mail-shots for C9 licence number 10017

My thanks to WU for the above and also for this example where a different account has been used and the imprinted stamp has been overlabelled with one showing a totally different account number.  The C9 license number is either 10031 or 10081, and the new label has Account Postage number AC05353770077.   This is used by Fisheye Opticians.

C9 preprinted stamp overlabelled with an 'Account Postage' label.

UPDATE 22 May 2024: My thanks to JMacL for another 2nd class example, this time with account HQ104259.

2nd class preprinted stamp PPI with used by account HQ104259.

Note: A number of people have asked for examples of these definitive stamp pre-printed envelopes. We actually get very few here: most of the images are just that - images sent by readers but not my scans of actual examples we hold.

I'll be pleased to add other examples - has anybody had a 1st class pre-printed stamp on  a mailshot yet?


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  1. The only First Class digital stamps I've known were the Christmas issues of 2016 to 2020 ( 2020 again used in 2021 ) on cards to children who had written to Santa.
    The Charles digital stamps I've had, all barcoded, are
    - 2023 Christmas Second Class - C9 10017
    - Second Class definitive - C9 10002 lighter, C9 10017 darker - only on Letters, not on Large Letters as occurred with the Machins
    - Second Large definitive - C9 10017


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