Monday 13 May 2024

May Slogan Postmarks and other interesting postal markings.

Last month we only had St George's Day, and the BHF default.  This month we continue with another example received here, but we're nearly half way through the month with nothing new on the horizon.  

British Heart Foundation Cornwall Mail Centre 08/05/2024

- I am pleased to welcome a new reporter (GO) with the first new slogan for May, which is for Mental Health Awareness Week.  This first example is from Peterborough Mail Centre 10-05-2024

Mental Health
Awareness Week

13-19 May

Mental Health Awareness Week slogan Peterborough Mail Centre 10-05-2024


I recently acquired a job lot of covers which revealed some postmarks that I had not shown here when they were actually used, so I am adding them in their rightful place and will mention them here as well.

But I'll start with an example which still occasionally draws queries on stamp forums - because it is so unsual and unique (in the sense that it was heavily used in Manchester but examples from elsewhere are scarce).

This is a 2019 example from the 'Large Flat machine in use at Manchester Mail Centre, primarily used for magazines and A4-size mail but on this occasion it's on a 19 cm square greetings card envelope.

Manchester 'Large Flat' postmark with Postcode slogan 11.12.19

There was also an unusually good copy of a Universal usage in 2021 from North & West Yorkshire. This has been added to the Christmas 2021 slogans post.

FInally, Aldwych is back on again! It seems that the trials of Post Office Ltd's New Branch IT in house developed replacement for Horizon (as part of its Strategic Platform Modernisation Programme) and I received this 2nd class Signed For label.   It's on a c6 envelope - and it really is big!

2nd class Signed For label from Aldwych PO (London)'s New Branch IT replacement for Horizon, 9 May 2024

If you have any other slogans used this month, or any other interesting postal markings from any period or place, please send them to the email address in the top right of this blog.  Thank you.

Remember, all postmarks appearing in May will be added to this post, so check here before you spend time scanning and emailing. 


  1. "in the sense that it was heavily used in Manchester but examples from elsewhere are scarce"
    Elsewhere scarce ?
    I've not known such a 'flats' cancellation other than Manchester's.

  2. Yes, it's an NEC flats machine and only in Manchester printing such postmarks

  3. Is it just me or does the "silhouette" version of the King's head look uncannily like Spike Milligan?


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