Thursday 30 September 2021

Report from Stampex Day 1

My correspondent on the ground (DF of Enfield) sent the following report (edited):

As I expected a very quiet start.  I arrived about 10 minutes before time of opening at 10am and no massive queue to get in.  Pre-Covid checks carried out by security who did the checking outside and stuck a “Red Dot” on you.  By the time doors opened I would estimate the queue was less than half of what it would normally have been.  The main entrance was devoid of the stamp lists and catalogues which are normally there and there was spot checking of bags.  Perhaps about 1 in 5.

Once into the main hall you were greeted with the check in process which was quick and efficient. I presented my printed eMailed ticket and they crossed me off the list, gave be a wrist band so I could come and go as I wished and gave me a programme.  I went straight to the Royal Mail stand. No queue at all and only one person being served in front of me.  Thus I was second.  Plenty of staff and no customers at all.   I was in the hall about 2 hours in total having a look around and was very open, plenty of spaced seating at tables and less trade stands.  The upstairs gallery areas I think were slightly less and not many people sorting through their wants.  For the whole of the time I was in the hall there was never more than 1 or 2 people actually waiting to be served by the Royal Mail counter staff.

So what was available from Royal Mail? 

There were no counter sheets at all available except for 1st class (2020) and 1st Large (2020); Booklets were standard 6 x1st (key lock design) of 2019. (One sealed pack which I was shown the date on the cellophane wrapper). The following four booklets were in open packs: 12 x 2nd (2021); 12 x 1st (2021); 4 x 2nd large (2020); 4 x 1st large (2019).  

The Mixed 6 x 1st booklets were fully stocked but were pre-packed singularly each in the standard black ‘carrier’ and were all available back for a year of issues

They had an A4 sheet clearly displayed that gave details of the arrangements (basically what you have already put on the blog) and on the back of the notices there is a printed list of available cylinder blocks.  They also had a form that you could fill in and order products from the list, pay and have them sent to you post free.  However, there was no guarantee you would get specific sheet, cylinder or dates.  As an example I enquired about the £1 sheets with 2021 but if I ordered a full sheet they would not guarantee which date I would get.

As in previous years they had no Business sheets except you could purchase and get on the stand a full sheet of the 2nd Barcoded.

All in all not a waste of time for me (although there were moans I heard about paying £10 to get nothing) as it was the only opportunity I had of trying to get a few missing oddments as I really wanted. 

Many thanks for that DF.

If anybody else wants to report on the remainder of the days, please do.


  1. With the total lack of definitive sheets at Stampex, I walked up to Islington Post Office, 160 Upper Street. Till 7 was very helpful, and they had a look through there stock in the safe. Only 2021 printing was the £1. So the day was not a total waste of time.

  2. DF of Enfield - I would like to add some additional info to my earlier comments. I too, like Chris, had a bit of a walk but much further along and into Holloway Road. At No.118 (N7 8JE) there is a VERY small PO but the guy there is always very helpful. (Very close to Holloway Road tube station). He always has a good selection of the Business sheets but this time no 2021 printings. However, he did have counter sheets of the First Large with 2021.


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