Friday 14 May 2021

London's Postal Museum re-opens with Post and Go fundraiser.

 Press Release


The Postal Museum announces the reopening of its Post & Go machines with new commemorative overprints 

LONDON, 14 May 2021 – The Postal Museum is set to resume the operation of its two Post & Go machines as the Museum reopens to the public on 20 May 2021. Both kiosks will be in their usual locations The Postal Museum’s Welcome Space and Mail Rail entrance, no admission ticket will be required to access the services.

Additional safety measures are being introduced such as a hand sanitizer station, a queuing system and information on how to scan the NHS Test and Trace QR code located near the machines.

The machine in the Welcome Space will vend a collector’s strip of 1st and 2nd class Machin stamps with an overprint “Wish You Were Here” and a distinctive postcard symbol celebrating The Postal Museum’s new exhibition marking 151 years of the British postcard.

In addition to Post & Go stamps, a First Day Cover and a Presentation Pack containing both 1st and 2nd class Machins with “Wish You Were Here” overprint will be available to purchase from the museum’s shop and online at from 20 May.

Both Post & Go machines are available at The Postal Museum from 10.30 and throughout the museum’s opening hours (Thursdays to Sundays). Please check the full revised opening hours at

The Postal Museum Post & Go stamp with re-opening "Wish You Were Here" inscription.


UPDATE 25 May: My thanks to MC for providing these images from the machines at The Postal Museum, and this commentary.

Year coding on TPM Machins is 'unclear' as the 'postcard' part of the overprint design obliterates the coding! At least one dealer on site reported the situation.

The Mail Rail kiosk, still AO12, is now back in the Mail Rail area over the road (when I got over there after TPM, it was apparent that there had been a delayed start due to 'technical issues'). 

First day covers were available on site at TPM (limited edition of 300 but, unusually, not individually numbered) but Presentation Packs (similarly, 300 issue) were only available to order via the web due to 'production issues'. Staff did, however, provide a code to interested attendees for web ordering so that there will be free postage when despatched, hopefully next week.


Mail Coach, Union Flag, and PO Underground Railway Post and Go strips from the Postal Museum's machine A001 with first 2021 service indicators.

Machin Post and Go strips (1st & 2nd) from the Postal Museum's machine A001 with first 2021 service indicators.

Post & Go strips from the Mail Rail machine (A012) at The Postal Museum with first 2021 service indicators.

These are posted for the online record, but we are not stocking them.


  1. All Strips obtained from the 2 machines will be 'new' as this is the first time collectors have been able to get the 'new' rates from the Postal Museum. So an expensive day out.

    1. And again when they take off the special inscription!

  2. And a again when they return to all the other inscriptions they have done before ....... once all done it must be time to change the rates......... repeat

  3. I may be missing it but I have looked hard and can see no R21YAL year code on this image, so not new stamps?

    1. I wouldn't rely on publicity images, but I doubt that there is need for a 21 yet with so much unused stock from previous years due to non-use during closures.

    2. The presentation packs are now available at the museum shop I am told price £25, they are the same MA13 1st and MA15 2nd Machins as available from the kiosks.
      A012 is indeed in the mail rail lobby located in the pushchair park area not the most convenient location that could have been chosen it has been located here since December at least last year before lockdown forced closure of the museum.


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