Wednesday 13 February 2019

Norvic Machin Security Checklist updated

The latest edition of our Machin Security Checklist has been published today.  This is up to date as far as we are aware and includes the stamps included in yesterday's Leonardo da Vinci prestige stamp book, the third printing of the 20p sheet, and the 2nd class booklet (MTIL) stamp printed on SBP1. 

We've been told about a third (October) printing of the 2p, but haven't seen any stock of this yet.  

Today is the first day of Spring Stampex and we are eagerly awaiting  reports of new discoveries at the Royal Mail stand from our friends and readers.

NB: If you have a bookmark to our storage for the Checklist, please stop using it and use the Dropbox link which is also permanently on the blog at the r.h. side.

Version 2.0.21

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  1. First - thanks for your sterling work in keeping the checklist up to date. Second - as I can't comment on the actual post, I note that the March 14 issue is beginning to appear on the Royal Mail web site: marvel(lous) (I don't think...).


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