Friday 4 January 2019

January slogan postmarks - and late Universals

After the Christmas holiday period, the Mail Centres have reverted to the default Action for Children charity slogan in 2019.

Royal Mail
supporting youth
mental health with

Examples here, both on 2 January, from Peterborough and Chester & N Wales.

UPDATE 23 January.  The first 'new' slogan for 2019 is a continuation of Stay Well this Winter, originally used nationwide in December, and here used on 21 January at Chester Mail Centre.  Also seen from Tynside - good to know they are keeping up in 2019!

UPDATE 25 January:  to mark Burns Night, Royal Mail has used a celebratory slogan in both types of machine.  Thanks to MD for sending both these examples, with a slight variation in layout.  One from Romford Mail Centre, the other from Glasgow, both 24 January 2019.

 Fair fa' your honest,
sonsie face,
Great Chieftan
o' the Puddin-race!
Burns Night - 25 January 2019

UPDATE 30 January.  Young Carers Awareness Day is 31 January so this is probably the last slogan this month.  Thanks to RW for this copy from Croydon MC on 29 January.  Also reported from Peterborough on 28 January, and an example shown on twitter from Birmingham on 28th which is the other format.
Young Carers
Awareness Day
31 January 2019

Thanks again to peterh on Stampboards, here's a better view of that format, from SE Wales on 20 January.

Meanwhile on the Stampboards forum, member peterh has shown this one from Swansea & South West Wales from 2 January 2019!  This one has the location inscription inverted.
The last time we had a Swansea Universal reported was in 2014.

UPDATE 24 January: Another late Universal usage has been shown on Stampboards.  This is a set-off (the image has been reversed) on a handstamped letter, but the date shows it was only this week, so suggesting that it must have been used on the date shown, otherwise the ink would not have been on the machine.   This is Cumbria, Dumfries and Galloway 21 January 2019


UPDATE 4 March
Another reader has sent in some pictures of Universal-type postmarks all but one dated 2019 - what's going on?  Although these are not easy to identify, they seem to be:

SOUTHAMPTON / - C - 10-XII  2018

Anybody want to take a guess at the other two? !

Update: a couple of correspondents have identified

CITY OF INVERNESS --- 22 Jan 2019
LERWICK / ORKNEY ---  3  -  I  (no year)

A late contribution to the Christmas 2018 campaign is this one from MB showing the North & West Yorkshire -3-  Merry Christmas snowman slogan used on 13 Dec 2018:

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