Friday 19 February 2016

British Postage Rates largely unchanged in 2016 review.

Collectors and dealers alike will be pleased to know that postage rates will be generally unchanged in the 2016 Tariff Change review this spring.  The rates take effect from 29 March 2016.

Most airmail rates and inland premium rates remain unchanged.

2nd class, 1st class, 2nd Large, 1st Large basic rates all increase by 1p.
The Worldwide Postcard, Worldwide 10g and Europe 20g rate rises by 5p.

2nd class
1st class
2nd Large 100g
1st Large 100g
Postcard airmail
Europe 20g air
World 10g air
International Economy 10g

There are small increases in some international small parcels, although some rates are unchanged.

The prices for International Tracked, International Signed, and International Tracked and Signed Large Letters are reduced as are some Small Parcels.

The full list of rates can be found in a pdf of the rates leaflet here.

Although Royal Mail have not confirmed anything yet, there will certainly be new Machin and probably Country Definitives for the £1.05 value.  There will not be a surface mail stamp as far as we know.  This in welcome contrast to last year's £14 bundle of new rate definitives.


  1. I guess 1p on the main inland rates won't break the bank. Bit of a shame about the postcard rate though, a round pound seemed like an easy rate to me.

  2. Still £1.33 20g worldwide airmail letter, and I won't have to use a 2p stamp with 2 firsts and a 5p.
    5p rise for surface seems a bit high. However, sent a letter out on the 8th via surface and the reply arrived today (20th).

  3. Only one to get for me the country £1.05. As the rates are largely the same perhaps we could get some make up definitives?

  4. I think we now know that there will be just the four £1.05 Regionals and the £1.05 Machin on 22nd March. (My advance payment notification from RM is £5.70 - 5x £1.05 plus 45p handling).

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  6. Just received my RM First leaflet for definitives, and it confirms what Trelantis has commented, including the date (not March 29th). It's worth noting that the country definitives are available se-tenant as well as individually.

    1. I don't believe that the country definitives are available se-tenant.

      This is impossible as they are printed in separate sheets for distribution to the different parts of the UK. Please send scan of that part of 'first' to so that I can put it on the blog.


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