Tuesday 26 November 2013

2nd class MA13 Faststamps at Glasgow - and where else?

A pair of 2nd class Post and Go stamps listed on eBay and bought on Glasgow's 2nd day is reported to have the MA13 code.  This is from session 2570 on Machine A4.

However the image doesn't show the stamp clearly so I will be happy to report any other findings as the trailer goes further on its journey!

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  1. I visited the Birmingham Pop Up Post Shop this morning (Friday 6 December). It is located in Rotunda Square, completely surrounded by banks and shops. I had to have several attempts to obtain my Post And Go stamps as neither machine could process my (and other people's) payment cards due to interference from all the surrounding cash machines and money processing machines. I probably passed 30 to 40 minutes in trying to obtain my collectors' sets of robin and 2nd class stamps. It was only with the patient help of the supervising gentleman that I found myself finally in possession of the stamps.
    Several staff stood outside the van promoting the stamp sales. If the entire aim of the exercise was to make access to buying stamps easier for the general public then it would have been far easier and more cost effective to sit the staff behind a counter and make cash sales of stamps from ordinary sheets. It appeared to me that most of the people who were attempting to use the machines were stamp collectors while the general public were most interested in using the Smilers facilities.
    My stamps were obtained from machine A4 and the Robins were MA13 but the 2nd class were MA12.


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