Thursday 9 February 2012

Sunday Times Wine Club 2nd coil stamps now up to 10

Reminder: a number of 2nd class MA10 stamps have been found in kiloware with postmarks other than these which reminds me, to remind you searchers, that both 2nd and 1st also exist in conventionally gummed coils, which will have straight-cut and often short perforations on the long sides, and often torn perforations on the short sides.  These have no security slits.
These are NOT scarce as these stamps are from rolls of 500 & 1000 which have been sold by Royal Mail Tallents House.

The 2nd class MA10 coil has been found in kiloware, so if you have the time, it could pay careful searching!  See the comment on the original post.

A few more have now been found in kiloware, and these images provided:



And this image shows two different mailings from the STWC.


Stuart has also found an example in kiloware on a postcard mailing, so probably not from the Sunday Times Wine Club although possibly from the same direct mail house.

Total number found now known to be 10 - but what are they worth to collectors?


  1. Updated with new images - total number now 10.

  2. Interesting about two STWC mailings. I am a member of the STWC and my copy is the one in the scan in your initial report. That one arrived last July. Although I remain a member of the STWC, I have received no further mailings with a stamp on them. (I get lots of mailings but all with meter marks.)

  3. The major difference is that stamps from rolls of 500 or 1000 were conventionally gummed and do NOT have "paperclip" security cuts. The STWC stamps from rolls of 10,000 were self adhesive and DO have security cuts.

    1. Thank you - I should have included that in my red add-on, and have now edited it (again).


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