Tuesday 26 January 2010

Tariff increases spring 2010 - new stamps

As has been widely reported, postage rates in the UK will rise on 6 April 2010. The rises, which have been approved by the regulator, mean an increase of 2p each for 1st and 2nd class inland stamps (to 41pand 32p) but no increase at all for franked and PPI business mail.

Increases in other inland and international rates mean rises of 8-10% for some, which will naturally increase the cost of special stamp sets, as well as require new Machin and Country definitives.

The new Machins will be 60p, 67p, 88p, 97p, £1.46.
New Country stamps will be 60p and 97p.
The current 40gr airmail booklets are to be discontinued and replaced with 20gr airmail booklets - at present we don't know whether these will be in similar or new designs, but they will be NVIs

All the new stamps including the booklets will be issued a week before the rate increase on 30 March, which means that the 20gr airmail booklets will initially be sold at £2.24 for Europe (56p each) and £3.60 for the rest of the world (90p each). From 6 April these will be £2.40 and £3.88 respectively.


  1. The Royal Mail web site with the new prices for the 2010 price increase shows all the Airmail booklets and with the two new books this is shown as five Airmail books in total. BM

  2. As often happens there is a certain amount of confusion over this.

    As reported on Machin Mania:

    Douglas Myall writes:

    "The books of four 40g universal stamps will cease when the April tariff comes into effect. This is why the 88p and £1.46p are being issued in sheet form. The books of 40g stamps will be replaced with books of 20g stamps."


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