Wednesday 28 January 2009

New postal rates - new Machin and country definitive stamps 31 March 2009

On 31 March Royal Mail will issue new definitive stamps in advance of the change in postage rates which takes effect from 6 April.

Four new Machin definitives will be issued:
17p olive-green
22p stone
62p red
90p ultramarine

Of course these colours are Royal Mail descriptions so we can't be sure what they will actually look like until they show us, but the 17p is probably similar to the 18p & 30p, the 22p similar to the old 16p, red has been used a number of times (8p, 26p) and ultramarine is probably the 20½p blue.

New 56p and 90p country definitives will replace the 50p and 81p in existing designs.


  1. I note that it does not mention if these are to be the new "security" self adhesive or the normal gum type. The February bulletin on page 167 quotes "Further details next month

  2. I have been reliably informed that these stamps will be conventionally gummed without the new security features.


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