Tuesday 21 October 2008

Royal Mail's Christmas 2008 Pantomime 4 November 2008

As usual Royal Mail will issue a set of 6 Christmas stamps, a miniature sheet and a Smilers Sheet. This year’s Christmas stamps feature traditional pantomimes (details below). The two 2007 Madonna stamps will be reissued this year to provide an alternative Christian image.

The Pantomimes set is issued as a set of 6 self-adhesive stamps, and a miniature sheet with conventional gum. Also available are booklets of 12 1st and 12 2nd class stamps, presentation packs, stamp cards, first day covers and a Smilers sheet.

The designs are:
2nd class and 2nd class Large - The Ugly Sisters from Cinderella
1st class and 1st class Large - The Genie from Aladdin
50p - Captain Hook from Peter Pan
81p - The Wicked Queen from Snow White

The first day postmarks available for this stamp issue will be shown on our website after 26 October

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