Thursday 18 August 2011

2010 is not done yet - 1st class self-adhesive coil now available

Last month we mentioned the 2nd class self-adhesive coil from the 2010 MA10 printing.  A month later this is still the only copy that has been reported, although it is understood that a whole 10,000-stamp roll was used on the Sunday Times Wine Club mailout.  Some 2009 stamps were also used.

The 1st class MA10 coil is now available - so far in very limited numbers, possibly only one coil. Now 10,000 stamps sounds a lot, but it's only 1,000 strips of 10.  Not everybody will want a strip at the current price, but singles will be bought up quickly.  We will have a few for sale - see here !

Here's a picture of  the 1st class coil:

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