Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Southern England Stamp Show Farnborough: Are You Going?

Just a reminder that the Southern England Stamp Show is at Farnborough on Friday and Saturday this week.  Full details are here

If any of our customers are visiting I shall be there from about 11 am on Saturday, so if you place an order I'll bring it along to save you the postage, if we meet up!  I won't have a stand/table but ask at Arun Stamps and Tony will point me out.


  1. More Jersey overprints as well as the one pictured above!



  2. I went on the Friday and was pleasantly surprised by the offerings available - there seemed to be lots more there for "small-ball" collectors and collectors of more modern material like me than we see at the likes of Stampex. All it needs is a Royal Mail stand there and there'd be no need to trek off to the BDC at all!

    The venue is a problem though, I did manage to find somewhere to park quite close having got there early, but I heard numerous dealers and customers exchanging tales of major difficulties getting parked near the venue

    1. I heard that users of the leisure centre had been complaining (this time or last?) about difficulty parking because of the all-day fair; but then if the space is let out for events they must expect some people to park there all day!

      We arrived Saturday just after 10 and filled a place a swimmer left, but we were there all day. There is plenty of parking Saturday as the car-park under the roundabout is available (Friday it is a council staff car-park I believe).

      Car-park users can get 50% refund from reception; 100% if you are using the leisure facilities I think. But there was also a free shuttle-bus to three other car-parks, and the station, and for short-termers (up to 3 hours) Asda's car park is a short walk away.